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Take a cup of fragrant Italian coffee with you through the app or self-service cashbox.

It is convenient and just delicious.

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Скачай карту и получай кофе за 60 рублей

Join the club and buy
a cup of coffee for € 1

And also:

  • 5% Cashback in bonuses for each purchase
  • Support of corporate model (coffee to employees free of charge, on the account salary, or with a discount at the expense of the employer).
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Blend, picked up specially for connoisseurs

Blend, picked up specially for connoisseurs

Our coffee shops use a blend that has long been a world classic.

80% Arabica and 20% Robusta give the drinks excellent aroma, great taste and truly thick foam.

Every coffee is equally good in the entire network!

We carefully monitor compliance with the requirements of the technological chart, so in any of our coffee shops you will always know the taste of your favorite drink.



Flat White

Flat White





Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Технология обжарки зёрен от чемпиона WCRC 2018

We choose the best one for you

We pay particular attention to the quality of coffee.

We supply coffee directly from the plantations of South America. Then, a team of professionals, including reigning world champions, 🏆 roasts it by a special recipe.

After roasting, coffee is delivered directly to the outlets, avoiding all intermediaries.

That’s why it is so fragrant!

Want to arrange a coffee shop
at your office?

Our software allows you to

  • Be aware of the amount of coffee consumed
  • Set limits for employees/guests
  • Pour free and paid drinks
  • Make discounts, issue coupons

Leave contacts for communication and our managers will tell you more about all the details of corporate models.

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Take a look at how the coffee shop works from the inside

i-Coffee is not only excellent coffee, but also maximum transparency for informed consumption: the temperature of milk and water, the date of the last delivery of coffee beans and much more.

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Кофе в кофейне Кофе в кофейне

Only eco-friendly consumables

We care about the cleanliness of the environment, so we almost do not use plastic and cook only from natural products.

Только экологичные расходные материалы

You are helping people
with us!

Buying our coffee, you support charitable foundations to help people with serious diseases.

You are helping people with us! You are helping people with us! You are helping people with us!



We have made a truly innovative mini-coffee shop and therefore proudly offer you a profitable franchise.

Become our partner and earn with us.


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